Are You There Chelsea? Is A Hot Mess

Are You There, Chelsea?Status: New SeriesGenre: ComedyRate: 8.5/10Original Airing: 11 Januaryt 2012 - presentRegion: USALanguage: EnglishSubtitle: EnglishSeason 1(Ongoing)Synopsis:"Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea" is based on the book and comedian/talk show host Chelsea Handler. This show follows the adventures of Chelsea (Laura Prepon), a twenty-something woman who doesn't let anything stand in her way of succeeding in her life. With her friends, who know that it is Chelsea's way or else, Mark (Jo Koy) and Shoniqua (Angel Laketa Moore) are there to add support for their friend. However, Todd (Mark Povinelli) doesn't take Chelsea's attitude and keeps her mannerisms to a minimum.Chelsea Handler, herself, makes a reoccurring appearance as Chelsea's sister, Sloan, a woman who is married and has a new baby. She and Chelsea share a commonality together, that is vodka. "Are You There Vodka? It's me Chelsea" follows the life of a wonderful woman with a story to tell. Created by Chelsea, this show dives into the famous woman's life and takes the viewers on a journey of who she is and how she has lived her life.

Are You There Chelsea? (formerly known as Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea) is a comedy based on Chelsea Handler’s best selling novel Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea which was published in 2008. It began airing on NBC on January 11th, 2012.

I will be the first to admit that when I sat down and watched this show I had very high expectations for this show to succeed. Not because the previews made me laugh or I read the book because I haven’t read the book. In fact at first I had no idea it was even based on a novel at all. It was because it was starring Laura Prepon who played “Hot Donna” on That 70s Show. It seems that even Laura Prepon can’t save this show and actually I am really unimpressed with her acting in this show. I think what made That 70s Show such a huge success was the talented actors as a whole and not just her.

I have watched every episode that has aired and many might be wondering why I would watch every episode if I was so unimpressed by this show and I will tell you that it’s because I like to give every show a shot before I pass judgement. There have been some TV shows that had a rocky start that I grew to love but I don’t think that’s this show unfortunately. Yes I do have a sense of humor and I do like comedies. This has nothing to do with my taste in TV shows. There are many shows I watch that are clever and funny and have made me burst out laughing. I find that Are You There Chelsea? is over the top rude and crude and the style of writing and comedic one liners are not well written at all. The main character is not believable as a waitress and the supporting actors are hit and miss. One of the many mistakes people make when casting actors for a TV show is sticking a good, well known actor on a show and thinking that the actor will make the show a success no matter what. Seinfeld didn’t become famous because of Jerry Seinfeld. In fact if he was the only actor it would be boring. Seinfeld made it big because of the acting team as a whole. Each character was hilarious and blended well with the other.

The one saving grace for Are You There Chelsea? is Chelsea Handler, who wrote the best sellng novel, who plays Chelsea’s born again sister Sloane and Chelsea’s roommate Dee Dee who is played by Lauren Lapkus. Both are funny and their acting styles are very refreshing in an otherwise lackluster show that, in my humble opinion, is a hot, hot mess!!

If you would like to check out Are You There Chelsea? it airs on NBC on Wednesdays at 8:30.

Your opinion may be different than mine so whether you agree or disagree please feel free to comment below.


Laura Prepon as Chelsea Newman
Jake McDorman as Rick
Lauren Lapkus as Dee Dee
Lenny Clarke as Melvin
Ali Wong as Olivia
Mark Povinelli as Todd
Natasha Leggero as Nikki


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