8 Signs You’re A TV Junkie

Couch Potato

My name is Julia and I’m a TV addict. I’ve come to terms with it and accepted the fact that I watch too much television. I guess acceptance is half the battle right? Ever since I was a child I was a couch potato. I loved Saturday morning cartoons and I could never fall asleep unless my TV was on at night. There was something about being entertained before bedtime. It was kind of like a bedtime story but better. I have complied my top 8 signs you’re a TV junkie and please note that if you can relate to all 8 of these never fear because there are many of us TV junkies out there. You are not alone.

8.You put your kids to bed early so you can watch TV. I’m sure many of us are guilty of this. The clock starts ticking down and you start to prepare for your kids to go to bed at exactly 8:00 because that’s when the good shows are on. Otherwise you’re stuck with screaming, crying kids begging for attention while you’re trying desperately to catch who got voted off Survivor or what new idiotic thing Snooki said on Jersey Shore.


7.Your blood boils when your TV show is on a break. This has happened to me many times. How dare they deserve another break. Where’s my show and what am I supposed to do now? I’ve been waiting all day in anticipation and you guys so selfishly decide not to air a new episode again? On a side note there seems to be way more breaks for TV shows than there once was. Sometimes my favorite show won’t be on for weeks!!

6.Every new event in your life is compared to a television show. I find myself doing this with Seinfeld in particular. I remember one time someone told me they had a pony growing up and immediately I said “I can’t stand people who had a pony as a kid.” The funny thing was as soon as I said it everyone knew exactly what show that came from and laughed.

5.Your meals consist of easy things you can eat in front of the television. If it’s too messy and not easy enough to eat sitting on a couch then you’re not eating it for dinner in fact appetizers and snack food sound really good because you can eat them with your hands and save time on dishes so you can watch more TV. This is bordering on extreme and you may need help if you’ve checked this one off.

couch potato4.You think channel surfing is exercise. Moving your thumbs is not considered exercise and neither is getting up to go to the bathroom during commercials. You may need some serious help if this is the case or perhaps pick up a thigh master or some dumbbells to use while you’re watching TV.

3.Your TV never gets turned off even when you’re sleeping. Maybe you think to yourself that if you wake up in the middle of the night you’ll be comforted by the fact that your “friends” are on TV or maybe you justify things in your head thinking that if someone decides they want to rob your home they’ll bypass you because they’ll think somebody is awake watching TV. Either way at some point you should give your electricity a bit of a break and turn your TV off. I know it’ll seem quiet and a bit lonely but too much of something is never a good thing.

couch potato
2.All of your Facebook updates are about what TV show you’re watching tonight and all your tweets are about what happened on your favorite show. I’ve seen people that are doing this and it looks as if their entire life is wrapped up in TV and I always picture them with eyes glazed over falling asleep on chip crumbs with a half eaten twinkie in their hand.Maybe include a few other things you’re doing in the day and talk about your real friends instead of your “friends” on TV.

1.You start talking about TV like it’s reality. I know many of you have most likely done this at least I hope so or I’m bordering on crazy. Your friend phones up and you talk about what a character was up to last night on your favorite show or you start talking like characters on your favorite show or maybe you yell at the TV with the belief they can hear you. Either way when this starts happening it means TV is slowly creeping into your real life and you may need to take a bit of a break and enjoy the real world outside.


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