Glee VS. Smash: Who Wins?

GleeSMASH Soundtrack [Fan Made Cover]

For a long time Glee was in a league of their own with chart topping hits and amazing vocals as well as the stars that were lining up to appear on their show. Everyone overlooked the lackluster storyline because at the time there was really no competition. Then along came SMASH and, in my opinion, blew them out of the water.

I have been following Glee since the beginning. To tell you the truth I was not enamored with the acting and the storyline was laughable at times and left me feeling a tad bored but I overlooked it. Maybe Glee reminded me of my high school years. In high school I was in the choir and it was not a popular choice at the time but I loved it. I’m no Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey but I could carry a tune and I loved being part of something. I tuned in to Glee every week and enjoyed the way they remade popular chart toppers into band and choir remixes. Albums were sold and singles were downloaded and people were becoming gleeks.

SMASH premiered this year and I was blown away. SMASH is different in the fact that instead of choir they decided to focus on Broadway instead. SMASH revolves around broadway producers and writers who are casting for a new play about Marilyn Monroe. There’s drama between two women who are looking to star as the bombshell Marilyn. One is obsessed with Marilyn and has experience and one is less experienced but is an up and coming singer trying to make it big. I think they do an excellent job of weaving the personal lives in with the musical numbers and instead of just focusing on the music they’re focusing on the drama and quality acting as well. In my opinion they’ve done it all and I’m crossing my fingers they stay around for a long time because I’m in love with this show. I think Glee really needs to step it up with their storyline or they’re going to get left in the dust by SMASH and I think peoples expectations will be much higher after watching it.

As you can see from my post I prefer SMASH to Glee but maybe you feel differently. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion below.


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  1. deelaytful
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 12:32:14

    Smash is Glee done right.
    Smash is Glee without teenage drama.

    To be honest, to hate Glee is unpopular. So I did plow through two seasons and it was just decent. And I’m saying this as a HUGE fan of Popular (Ryan Murphy’s earlier work)

    Popular is just the best. It’s Glee without the music (and angst)


    • tvjudge
      Apr 14, 2012 @ 17:16:32

      You are so right. Smash is Glee done right. I don’t think Glee spent enough time on the script and acting they just thought the good music would be enough but now that I’ve seen Smash Glee disappoints me. Smash has set the bar high for any other music TV show,.


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