The Real Housewives Of Vancouver:She Should’ve Kept Her Clothes On

The Real Housewives of Vancouver: Christina Kiesel, Ronnie Seterdahl Negus, Reiko MacKenzie, and Mary Zilba

I’m sure all you Vancouverites are following The Real Housewives Of Vancouver and if not I’m guessing it’s because you’re slightly embarrassed at who’s representing our hometown. On Wednesdays episode just like I predicted Mary and Ronnie’s friendship went downhill. It seems that Ronnie and Jody are becoming friends and have left Mary sitting in the dust.
The Real Housewives of Vancouver: Christina Kiesel

Jody, having an opinion on everything, made some brutal remarks about some naughty pictures that were sent out of Christine half dressed at her birthday party. My opinion is Jody needs to keep her thoughts to herself. She thinks everyone needs therapy and acts like she’s the Queen of England sitting on her red velvet throne. Someone needs to knock her off her pedestal. Ronnie and Jody seemed to share these opinions and dished the dirt on everyone over lunch. Did anyone notice Jody’s fancy slippers she was wearing out in public? It looked like she rolled out of bed and was too lazy to put shoes on or perhaps she thinks she’s starting a new trend. My belief is slippers are meant for the bedroom and this fashion don’t is up there with men wearing socks with sandals. You would think with all her money she could afford some fancy shoes to wear out with her diamonds and fur.

The Real Housewives of Vancouver: Ronnie Seterdahl Negus

Let’s not forget the wonderful tour of Ronnie’s big beautiful house. She takes everyone on a walk through her husbands man cave and proudly babbles on about how she wanted her husband to have nude pictures of women on the walls and instead he wanted pictures of her. Very slick on his part and that probably earned him extra brownie points. I am wondering how Jody thinks it’s okay for Ronnie to put up half nude photos of herself on her walls put practically faints when she looks at provocative pictures of Christine? My feeling is she’s just a tad jealous and needs to get over herself.

While watching this episode I think the one thing I could not get over is Jody’s relationship with her daughter. Her daughters laugh makes me cringe and the way Jody treats her is unbelievable. Her daughter bought a ticket to London and Jody phoned up the airport and cancelled her ticket because she needed help around the store. Who does that? Then her daughter laughs and apologizes to her!!

I’m not sure what I find to be more disappointing. The fact that these women were the best they could find to represent Vancouver or the way these ladies treat each other. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you get to act like spoiled brats and treat people poorly. Or does it?

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  1. maria
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 18:51:30

    I Know I am embarrassed that this trash is representing our Town . That Jody is Bitch what kind of mother is she cancelling her daughter ticket and then getting her to say sorry I’m sorry WHO DOES THAT ! And Ronnie showing off her houses oh and this is my hubby’s man Cave REALLY !!!! more like the hubby’s Man Cavern her and Jody are perfect for each other and Poor Mary left out . And Mary getting the blame for Ronnie’s drunken behavior she showed up drunk at Mary’s studio .
    I know those slippers OMG !!!! what the hell was she thinking it’s almost like I can’t bothered to put on shoes to meet you and confront you about your pics . She think she is Queen shit of turd mountain!
    But I gotta say they are keeping us entertained and that is the point of the show!


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