Did I Really Just Watch Jersey Shore?

Jersey Shore

I’ve known about the Jersey Shore for a very long time but I never had the desire to watch it. Somehow I felt very left out. Every Thursday night my friends on Facebook would announce that they were settling in to watch Jersey Shore. Every family dinner I went to my brothers would talk about Snooki and how she sunk to a new low. Well get ready for it because I finally watched what I consider to be the biggest train wreck on television.

I happened to catch the episode that focused on Snooki having some sort of a UTI which is a urinary tract infection. I think I sat there with my mouth open the entire time. Do these people really get paid to act like fools on TV? Did Snooki just get paid to act like an animal and pee on the balcony in the corner? Did someone really announce that they don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom? How can they not be ashamed after watching their antics on television? I’m guessing it’s because they get paid big bucks to hit rock bottom.

The cast of Jersey Shore has a huge fan following and has even created their own slang such as:

Creep : To seek out a potential hook-up, preferably one who is under the influence of alcohol

Fist pump : A dance move used to show excitement at clubs

Fred Flintstone toe : A term never to be used to describe a woman’s big toe

Grenade : A less attractive girl on whom one has to throw one’s wingman to prevent her from exploding one’s good time with her hot friend

GTL : An acronym that stands for the daily beauty regimen of going to the gym, tanning and doing laundry

Heated : Fired-up, angry; often as a precursor to fighting

Juiced : Extremely built or muscular, often through the use of steroids

Pouf : A hairdo in which a large mountain of hair is piled on the crown of the head

Pound it out : To engage in sexual relations

Robbery : The act of stealing another male’s most recent female conquest

Smush : To engage in sexual relations

Vibe : To be attracted to another person

They use tons of hair gel, go tanning, go to the gym and do laundry every day (I’m glad they do some sort of household chore) and party to the break of dawn at the clubs after which the guys bring some random girl home and call her a cab usually right after or in the morning.

Even when they aren’t doing their thing on Jersey Shore they create attention for themselves by doing strange things like Snooki carrying toy dolls around in public to prepare for motherhood.

To me this show is most likely one of the nastiest shows I’ve seen on TV. I’m not quite sure how long they can keep up this charade. I’m hoping they’ll one day settle down and get normal jobs instead of acting like they belong in a traveling circus  for everyone to laugh at. I don’t think that people are tuning in to this show because of quality (unless I’m somehow wrong about the human race as we know it) I think they’re tuning in to laugh at the train wreck that is their lives!!


Deena Nicole Cortese as Deena

Jennifer Farley : “JWoww”

Michael Sorrentino :  “The Situation”

Nicole Polizzi : “Snooki”

Paul DelVecchio : “Pauly D”

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

Samantha Giancola: “Sammi Sweetheart”

Vinny Guadagnino


Missing Starts Off With A Bang

Missing 2012

It’s been a really long time since a show has captured my attention right off the bat. Usually when I start watching a show it takes awhile for me to get into it and sometimes my attention will go elsewhere in the process but not Missing. When I first started seeing previews for Missing I got excited. Right away I knew I’d fall in love and started anticipating the season premiere.

Missing is an American drama/thriller that stars Ashley Judd who looks amazing by the way. If I can look that great when I hit her age I’d be one happy camper. It revolves around a former CIA operative Becca whose husband was killed tragically in a car bombing in Rome while him and his son were on vacation.  Ten years later her son gets accepted into a summer architecture program in Rome. The same place her husband was killed. Becca is now living a normal life running a flower shop and is very reluctant to see her son go. He assures her he will be just fine but it turns out he was wrong. Her son is kidnapped and Becca is now leading the hunt as a desperate mother in search of her son relying on her skills and connections as a former CIA operative. Bit by bit little secrets and mysteries come to the surface and after every episode you’re left wondering what will happen next.

Although this show has many, many pros like the fact that all the acting is believable and well delivered and the storyline is really exciting I guess the only con I have is how long will they be able to keep this storyline up? How many more mysteries could there possibly be and how far can they take this story? How long will she be searching for her son? In order to survive on TV you have to have lots of tricks up your sleeves and keep viewers guessing. There is nothing worse than a show that delivers in the beginning and fizzles in the end. Hopefully that won’t happen with Missing because so far I’m really impressed!!

You can catch Missing on ABC. It airs Thursday nights at 8/7 c.


Ashley Judd as Rebecca “Becca” Winstone

Cliff Curtis as Agent Dax Miller

Sean Bean as Paul Winstone

Nick Eversman as Michael Winstone

Adriano Giannini as Giancarlo Rossi

Recurring Cast:

Laura Donnelly as Violet Heath and Jason Wong as Fitzpatrick: Members of Miller’s CIA team.

Gina McKee as Jamie Ortega: CIA director in charge of Dax’s station, based in Washington D.C.

Caleb Barton Smith as young Michael Winstone.

7 TV Shows You Shouldn’t Miss

I have compiled a list of my top seven absolute favorite shows on television currently. These are shows that if you haven’t yet seen you really need to check out. The actors in these shows bring it each and every week and each show I’ve chosen leaves me wanting more and excitedly anticipating each episode.

7.Being Human UK

Being Human Season 3

Being Human first started airing in the UK and followed soon after in the US with their own version of the show. I have watched both and to tell you the honest truth the US version does not do the show justice at all. For all those viewers who are as disappointed as I am with the US version please watch the UK version before scrapping the show entirely. Being Human UK has everything for me. There’s humor, great special effects and drama. It’s about a werewolf, a ghost and a vampire who all end up living under one roof and try to bumble through life trying to be “normal” despite being so glaringly different according to society. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing this show you can view it on Netflix like I chose to or you can try finding it elsewhere.


Community, Community

If laughter really is the best medicine then Community delivers my daily dose each week. This show has a brilliant, hilarious cast including Chevy Chase who is one of my all time favorite comedians so I was delighted to see him in this TV show. The first episode made me laugh so hard I cried and each show has delivered in the funny department so far. I actually just started watching this show starting with season 1 and I’m wondering where I’ve been and why this show wasn’t on my radar until now. I’m glad I finally found it and for those that have also missed out please give this show a try. You won’t be disappointed.



Shameless is one of those shows that may not be widely received by everybody but it always delivers shock value. Shameless revolves around this family that is living on the wrong side of the tracks. The Father is an alcoholic that’s always looking for his next scam and his children are being raised by his oldest daughter and left to fend for themselves. This family is completely shameless, sometimes rude and seem to always be mixed up in something illegal. Shameless totally delivers on many levels. The writer has a unique way of taking what many would consider an awful life and putting a refreshing humorous spin on it. I always wonder what they’ll get mixed up in next and I can’t wait to find out!

4.Blue Bloods

blue bloods

A dash of drama and a pinch of action makes the perfect recipe for a TV show. Blue Bloods has an all star cast including Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg and it follows an Irish family, The Reagans, that are all working for or have worked for the NYC police department. For all of you that are tired of police shows please don’t give up on them just yet because Blue Bloods isn’t just any police show. They focus on the job, family drama and there’s twists and turns in each show. Every actor is spot on and the writing is impressive and that’s why I’ve never missed one episode of this show.



Homeland stars none other than Claire Danes which was the main reason I started watching this show. I love Claire Danes in everything she’s done and Homeland is no exception. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to be disappointed and sure enough I wasn’t. If someone asked me to describe the show Homeland in one word it would be thrilling. Homeland revolves around Claire Danes who plays a CIA officer who is Bipolar. She has come to believe that Brody, a U.S. Marine that was held captive by Al-Qaeda as a prisoner of war, was turned by the enemy and now is considered a threat to the U.S. This show is brilliantly written and acted and is guaranteed to entertain. You will never know what’s coming next and who is the enemy.Homeland has finished it’s first season on Showtime and was renewed for a second which is set to air on September 30th, 2012. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

2.Game Of Thrones


Game Of Thrones is one of those shows you have to see. I have fallen in love with this show from the very first episode. Many millions have gone into making this show and it’s well worth it. It’s filmed in beautiful Ireland and every show is a masterpiece. The stunning visual effects and quality acting has made for a show that impresses me on every level. Game Of Thrones is a medieval fantasy that follows the violent struggles of noble families for control of the Iron Throne. This show is already widely well received and has a huge fan following that is continuing to grow. If you haven’t checked this show out I urge you to do so. You will not be disappointed!



The show Damages begins with a young woman stepping out of an elevator bloody and confused and then they take you back to the beginning to weave a tale of suspense and mystery and explain exactly what happened to that young woman. Damages revolves around a young lawyer just starting out that is offered a job with a tough, no nonsense, famous lawyer at her firm. The actors in this show are amazing and each season gets better than the last. I watched each episode one after the other on Netflix and everything fell apart around me because I couldn’t stop watching. They are currently filming Season 5 which will be their last and I’m really excited to find out what twists and turns they have in store for me.

Are You There Chelsea? Is A Hot Mess

Are You There, Chelsea?Status: New SeriesGenre: ComedyRate: 8.5/10Original Airing: 11 Januaryt 2012 - presentRegion: USALanguage: EnglishSubtitle: EnglishSeason 1(Ongoing)Synopsis:"Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea" is based on the book and comedian/talk show host Chelsea Handler. This show follows the adventures of Chelsea (Laura Prepon), a twenty-something woman who doesn't let anything stand in her way of succeeding in her life. With her friends, who know that it is Chelsea's way or else, Mark (Jo Koy) and Shoniqua (Angel Laketa Moore) are there to add support for their friend. However, Todd (Mark Povinelli) doesn't take Chelsea's attitude and keeps her mannerisms to a minimum.Chelsea Handler, herself, makes a reoccurring appearance as Chelsea's sister, Sloan, a woman who is married and has a new baby. She and Chelsea share a commonality together, that is vodka. "Are You There Vodka? It's me Chelsea" follows the life of a wonderful woman with a story to tell. Created by Chelsea, this show dives into the famous woman's life and takes the viewers on a journey of who she is and how she has lived her life.

Are You There Chelsea? (formerly known as Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea) is a comedy based on Chelsea Handler’s best selling novel Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea which was published in 2008. It began airing on NBC on January 11th, 2012.

I will be the first to admit that when I sat down and watched this show I had very high expectations for this show to succeed. Not because the previews made me laugh or I read the book because I haven’t read the book. In fact at first I had no idea it was even based on a novel at all. It was because it was starring Laura Prepon who played “Hot Donna” on That 70s Show. It seems that even Laura Prepon can’t save this show and actually I am really unimpressed with her acting in this show. I think what made That 70s Show such a huge success was the talented actors as a whole and not just her.

I have watched every episode that has aired and many might be wondering why I would watch every episode if I was so unimpressed by this show and I will tell you that it’s because I like to give every show a shot before I pass judgement. There have been some TV shows that had a rocky start that I grew to love but I don’t think that’s this show unfortunately. Yes I do have a sense of humor and I do like comedies. This has nothing to do with my taste in TV shows. There are many shows I watch that are clever and funny and have made me burst out laughing. I find that Are You There Chelsea? is over the top rude and crude and the style of writing and comedic one liners are not well written at all. The main character is not believable as a waitress and the supporting actors are hit and miss. One of the many mistakes people make when casting actors for a TV show is sticking a good, well known actor on a show and thinking that the actor will make the show a success no matter what. Seinfeld didn’t become famous because of Jerry Seinfeld. In fact if he was the only actor it would be boring. Seinfeld made it big because of the acting team as a whole. Each character was hilarious and blended well with the other.

The one saving grace for Are You There Chelsea? is Chelsea Handler, who wrote the best sellng novel, who plays Chelsea’s born again sister Sloane and Chelsea’s roommate Dee Dee who is played by Lauren Lapkus. Both are funny and their acting styles are very refreshing in an otherwise lackluster show that, in my humble opinion, is a hot, hot mess!!

If you would like to check out Are You There Chelsea? it airs on NBC on Wednesdays at 8:30.

Your opinion may be different than mine so whether you agree or disagree please feel free to comment below.


Laura Prepon as Chelsea Newman
Jake McDorman as Rick
Lauren Lapkus as Dee Dee
Lenny Clarke as Melvin
Ali Wong as Olivia
Mark Povinelli as Todd
Natasha Leggero as Nikki More


I recently opened a Netflix account. A free month was offered and I can never refuse anything free so I signed up. My main thought was that my kids needed something very easy to use and I loved the fact that I could add it to our Wii which is currently in their room. I refuse to put cable into their room because all I could picture was them channel surfing all night but not really watching much of anything so Netflix was an excellent option because they can pick what they like and watch it, pause it, and get back to it. There are also no commercials. I hate my kids watching commercials because they usually end up begging me for something they magically figure we need because some kid on TV was having so much fun with it. Anyways, enough about Netflix. I’m on here to write about a spectacular TV show that I ended up watching on Netflix for hours on end named Damages. A show many of you have not yet watched but NEED to check out.

When I first read reviews on Damages my first thought was here we have yet another lawyer show but looks can be very deceiving. This show has taken me on quite the roller coaster ride with it’s superb acting and thrilling script. You never know what’s going to happen next…literally. The twists and turns left me on the edge of my seat and I fell in love with each and every character no matter how cold and evil they were.

Damages begins with one of the main characters running out of an elevator bloody and confused onto the street then it goes back to tell the story of what happened to her. I love when a show grabs your attention in the first minute and keeps your attention all the way through. It’s a sign of wonderful writing and acting.

As you continue to watch Damages you get to know (or think you know) each and every character and what they’re capable of doing to win a case. There’s a young lawyer named Ellen Parsons who is fresh out of law school and looking for a job. She is approached by a brilliant lawyer Patty Hewes and given the opportunity of a lifetime. To work at her firm and become her protegee. She takes on the challenge and that’s where everything begins. She soon comes to the realization that Patty Hewes will do whatever it takes to win and will stomp on anyone who gets in her way.

I can’t say enough good things about this show. Each character plays their role so well. If you want to check this show out you can watch it on Netflix or rent or buy all four seasons.

Damages was originally airing on FX and is now broadcast on DirecTV. It premiered on July 24, 2007 and they are currently producing the fifth and final season as of October 2011 but they have not said when it will air. Who knows what will happen in season five. Will Patty Hewes and Ellen Parsons go head to head like the final show in season four suggests? I’m excited to find out!!

There have been a few teasers as to who will be joining the show for season five. Word is that Ryan Phillipe will play a major role as well as Jenna Elfman, the star of Dharma and Greg, who will play an investment bank employee troubled by her company’s conduct. I think we’re in for a treat and I can’t wait.


Glenn Close as Patty Hewes
Rose Byrne as Ellen Parson
Tate Donovan as Tom Shayes
Ted Danson as Arthur Forbisher
Anastasia Griffith as Katie Connor
Zeljko Ivanek as Ray Fiske
Noah Bean as David Connor
Timothy Olyphant as Wes Krulik
William Hurt as Daniel Purcell
Marcia Gay Harden as Claire Maddox
Campbell Scott as Joe Tobin
Martin Short as Leonard Winstone
Lily Tomlin as Marilyn Tobin
John Goodman as Howard T. Erickson
Chris Messina as Chris Sanchez
Dylan Baker as Jerry Boorman

Season 5:
Ryan Phillipe as Channing McClaren

A Tribute To The 80s

80's cartoons

As a child that grew up in the 80s Saturdays were my favorite day not only because there was no dreadful school to have to go to but also because there was Saturday morning cartoons.

On a typical Saturday I would wake up, grab a bowl of sugary cereal (Fruit Loops was my favorite) stay in my pajamas and watch cartoons. Our TV wasn’t a big flat screen by any means, in fact it was pretty small, but as a child everything looks big. If I close my eyes I can still see those amazing cartoons filled with eye-popping colors and funny, animated characters. Yes…Saturday mornings were my favorite day of the week.


Who can forget Rainbow Brite and her colored friends. This cartoon was my all time favorite. For some reason Rainbow Brite made me happy and I still love Rainbow Brite to this day and have passed off my passion to my daughter who has fallen in love with her too. I have actually started a small collection and every now and again I search through Ebay and find something for my daughter to play with. The cartoons, I am happy to announce, are now available on DVD for everyone to enjoy.


Who could ever forget Smurfs. One of the most smurftastic cartoons to come on TV. They are actually making a Smurf movie that is set to hit the theaters soon. My son came running up to me the other day announcing that there was a Smurf movie he really wanted to go see in the theaters. I giggled a little bit and explained to him that I used to watch the Smurfs as a kid. He looked at me funny as if he didn’t quite understand how that could possibly be since it was soooo new (LOL)
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Who could ever forget sweet lovable Strawberry Shortcake. This cartoon was absolutely adorable. I remember I had a Strawberry Shortcake doll growing up and she smelled delicious!! My daughter has a tiny Strawberry Shortcake doll and just the smell brings me back to my childhood. I also remember I had a Strawberry Shortcake book called Pets On Parade and I loved that book.

Gummi Bears

Gummi Bears bouncing here and there and everywhere. This cartoon (based on my favorite candy) was so awesome! The characters were cute and lovable and so colorful. Every Saturday morning I watched this cartoon without fail. I can still remember the opening song (I think) and I can still remember these cute little cartoon characters bouncing around everywhere.

These were just a few of my favorites and there were many others as I’m sure anyone who grew up in the 80s can remember. There was the Raccoons, The Get Along Gang, Jem and the Misfits, She Ra and many more.

As a mother of 4 with children that watch a lot of cartoons I have to say that the quality in cartoons has gone down the tubes and they really don’t make them like they used to. I find most cartoons extremely annoying and some bordering on creepy (The Wiggles and those weird people who dance around in blue tights)

I really wish they would bring back my favorite cartoons from the 80s. They’re classics, loved by many kids and I believe they would still do well. Put them back on TV and stop making garbage cartoons that are not creative in the least. Bring back quality TV that even adults would enjoy watching with their kids not annoying cartoons that make my head hurt.

Mixed Feelings About Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie

I started watching Nurse Jackie only because I love Edie Falco who is best known for her role on one of my favorite shows of all time The Sopranos. I was really excited she was the main lead in this new television drama and that was mainly the reason I started to watch it. After a few episodes in I had mixed emotions about the show.

Let me just say that I do love the acting. I fell in love with many characters on the show and quite surprisingly my favorite character on the show has become not Edie Falco but the sweet, sometimes naive nurse Zoey played by Merrit Wever.

Although the acting is superb and the characters are great I find the storyline lacking and a bit boring. I really hate to say this because I wanted to love this show but I really don’t know how much more they can do with a storyline about a nurse addicted to pills. I think they need to step it up a notch and broaden their horizons a bit.

What completely angered me was one of my favorite shows United States Of Tara was cancelled and Nurse Jackie has been signed for another season. If you compare the two shows there is a world of difference in quality, storyline and entertainment. I believe if you take Edie Falco off the show it goes belly up and the ratings go down. I don’t know where their heads were at for cancelling a creative, amazing show and leaving Nurse Jackie!

That being said I do like Nurse Jackie and if I had to I would give it a 3/5 but if the storyline wasn’t lacking and they stepped it up and included a bit more drama my rating would be better but, if I had to choose, United States Of Tara would stay and Nurse Jackie would go. Just my humble opinion.

Nurse Jackie will be airing season 4 starting on April 8th, 2012.


•Edie Falco as Nurse Jackie Peyton
•Peter Facinelli as Dr. Fitch ‘Coop’ Cooper
•Paul Schulze as Eddie
•Eve Best as Dr. Elenor O’Hara
•Haaz Sleiman as Mohammed ‘Mo-Mo’ De La Cruz
•Merritt Wever as Zoey Brakow
•Dominic Fumusa as Kevin Peyton
•Anna Deavere Smith as Mrs. Gloria Akalitus

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