The Mighty Have Fallen On American Idol

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For the many of you that have been following American Idol this year I have to admit that the talent is unbelievable this time around and every persons voice is amazing in their own way. To me it’s quite obvious who the final three will be or so I thought. My personal belief was that Joshua, Elise and Jessica would end up at the end together. Joshua has this gritty, gospel voice, Elise has an amazing rocker voice and Jessica has a voice that could be compared to that of Whitney Houston. Many praise her each week on her vocals, confidence and are amazed that she sounds like she’s been on a stage forever being that she’s so young. So what happened?
Elise Testone

Having watched each and every person perform the night before I sat down to watch the eliminations thinking that Elise, Joshua and Jessica had it in the bag. Ryan started calling each person to stand on either side of the stage into groups of three. He had Joshua, Jessica and Elise on one side and Colton, Hollie and Phillip on the other. He saved the talented country singer Skylar for last and asked her which group she thinks she belongs in. She refused to answer him so he walked her to Colton, Hollie and Phillip Phillips group. I think all of America, the audience and myself collectively gasped. There was complete silence and the judges were in total shock. Then Ryan revealed that Jessica got the least votes!! What??? Another huge shocker. I thought for certain that if this was the bottom three then surely Elise would have gotten the fewest votes but not Jessica!! Not only that I was in complete shock that Hollie wasn’t in the bottom three. She gave a decent performance the other night but not as great as the rest of them. My mouth dropped so low you probably could have seen my tonsils. I could almost read the judges minds. Thank goodness we didn’t use the one save yet!! I think they were waiting in case America totally got things wrong one week and tried to vote out someone who’s talented and deserving.

The judges did end up saving Jessica but I think everyone is wondering what happened? How could America get it so wrong? Did they see something we didn’t or did they just feel that she would get many votes anyway so she doesn’t need ours? I think it’s the question weighing on everybody’s mind after last nights upset.