Mixed Feelings About Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie

I started watching Nurse Jackie only because I love Edie Falco who is best known for her role on one of my favorite shows of all time The Sopranos. I was really excited she was the main lead in this new television drama and that was mainly the reason I started to watch it. After a few episodes in I had mixed emotions about the show.

Let me just say that I do love the acting. I fell in love with many characters on the show and quite surprisingly my favorite character on the show has become not Edie Falco but the sweet, sometimes naive nurse Zoey played by Merrit Wever.

Although the acting is superb and the characters are great I find the storyline lacking and a bit boring. I really hate to say this because I wanted to love this show but I really don’t know how much more they can do with a storyline about a nurse addicted to pills. I think they need to step it up a notch and broaden their horizons a bit.

What completely angered me was one of my favorite shows United States Of Tara was cancelled and Nurse Jackie has been signed for another season. If you compare the two shows there is a world of difference in quality, storyline and entertainment. I believe if you take Edie Falco off the show it goes belly up and the ratings go down. I don’t know where their heads were at for cancelling a creative, amazing show and leaving Nurse Jackie!

That being said I do like Nurse Jackie and if I had to I would give it a 3/5 but if the storyline wasn’t lacking and they stepped it up and included a bit more drama my rating would be better but, if I had to choose, United States Of Tara would stay and Nurse Jackie would go. Just my humble opinion.

Nurse Jackie will be airing season 4 starting on April 8th, 2012.


•Edie Falco as Nurse Jackie Peyton
•Peter Facinelli as Dr. Fitch ‘Coop’ Cooper
•Paul Schulze as Eddie
•Eve Best as Dr. Elenor O’Hara
•Haaz Sleiman as Mohammed ‘Mo-Mo’ De La Cruz
•Merritt Wever as Zoey Brakow
•Dominic Fumusa as Kevin Peyton
•Anna Deavere Smith as Mrs. Gloria Akalitus