Being Erica

being erica

Being Erica is a TV show that is wonderfully well written with an extremely funny and talented cast.

Filmed in Canada, Being Erica starts off with the main character Erica Strange, who is thirty something and bumbling through life with failed attempts at romance and her career. She is approached by Dr. Tom, a psychiatrist, who promises her the ultimate opportunity, to go back in time and fix her mistakes.

Filled with quirky, amazing characters, Being Erica is one of those little known shows that deserves plenty of credit. Each show is filled with moral dilemmas that each and every viewer can take and apply to their own lives. I find myself tuning in to Being Erica every week with excitement and that is why I give this show 5/5.

It was confirmed that season four of Being Erica was its last and final season. For me the final episode of season 4 still left me with questions and I really wish they would have continued on into season 5 because there was a lot more they could have done with the show.


Erin Karpluk as Erica Strange.
Adam Fergus as Adam Fitzpatrick, Erica’s fellow time travelling partner.
Joanna Douglas as Samantha Strange-MacIntosh, Erica’s sister.
Michael Riley as Dr. Tom, the mysterious therapist who helps treat Erica.
Reagan Pasternak as Julianne Giacomelli, Erica’s partner at 50/50 press.
Vinessa Antoine as Judith, Erica’s best friend.
Morgan Kelly as Brent Kennedy, Erica and Juliannes competition.